Folding Trough - For All Brands

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Is traveling with a trough a pain? Do you need a lockable drawer? Meet the new YaegerPro Folding Trough. Assembles with just two bolts/knobs in about 30 seconds. For locking versions, there are additional knobs that are screwed in from the inside, although hey are only necessary for maximum security situations.

  • YaegerPro - Hangs, Floats, or is a Drawer.
  • Yaeger, Inovativ, Backstage = Hangs like a normal trough

Actual Sizes

  • YP-32: 6" Deep x 4" Tall x 28" Wide 
  • YP-40: 6" Deep x 4" Tall x 28" Wide 
  • YP-52: 6" Deep x 4" Tall x 28" Wide