YaegerXS Cart - Smaller Footprint Cart

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The YaegerXS is the perfect cart for Steadicam, D.I.T., Drone Pilots, and more.  Carefully balancing sturdy, fast folding and affordable, the new YaegerXS folds in 2-4 minutes without any tools*.

PICTURES COMING SOON, Pics are of the 27" version, but the rendering is the 17" wide version. 

Overall Concept - Fully vs Partially Collapsible:

Our goal was to create a cart that was perfect for someone looking an economical solution or all the bells and whistles without compromise.

As the industry evolves, sprinter vans are becoming more and more common.  In designing the YaegerXS, we were very cognoscente of creating a cart that met people's individual needs and quite honestly, some people don't need a cart that fully breaks down.  So the base cart's casters are bolted to the 1/4" aluminum frames, which means, you cut the cost of the caster clips and travel wheels. 

Below are features that are labeled "Standard" and "Optional" which can really get you the cart that you need.  Feel free to call 805-440-0669 if you have any questions.


Included - YaegerXS End Channels:

  • The fortified 6061 aluminum end channels provide all the features that make this cart a must have addition to your workflow. 
  • Tank-like corners will leave you as worry free as possible when traveling, and are the basis for many features including:
    • Built in travel posts
    • Leg pivoting slots
    • Accessory and leg clamps
    • Mast and accessory quick dock slots
    • Caster stability
    • Optional Caster storage docks
    • and more.

Included - YaegerXS Fold Flat Legs:

  • A simple system that allows the cart to fold quickly and compactly with a limited amount of parts. The slotted pivot points are a completely new concept that allow the pivot point to move up to accommodate the opposing legs underneath them.
  • When unfolding the legs, simply lift the legs evenly and drop the knob into the rear slots and tighten the knobs creating one of the strongest folding carts on the market. 

Included - YaegerXS Accessory Dock (Mast not included):

  • Because the ends of the cart are built with machined 6061 Aluminum channel, we were able to build in a docking system that no other cart with bent sheet aluminum could do.
  • We already have mast clamps, a variety of handles, troughs being built, and many more accessories in the works like compact camera docks and more. 

Included - YaegerXS Corner Locks:

  • A quick release handle now locks your legs and your accessories with this cleverly designed clamp.  Build out your workflow with confidence 

Included - YaegerXS Travel Posts:

  • With built in travel posts, making quick trips have never been easier than ever.  The spring loaded knobs are permanently attached to the upper shelf leaving no spare parts to get lost.

Optional - Colors:

  • Standard will be raw aluminum with red accent, but feel free to pimp your cart the way you want it!

Optional - YaegerPro Handles:

  • 2x 5" Grip Handles: (Bolted on Upper Shelf)
  • T-Handle: (Bolted on Upper or Lower Shelf) This handle is great as cable hooks or holding a steadicam vest.

 *Tools are not required for normal folding, but may be needed to move mid bars and other fine tuning while finding their respective optimal permanent positions.