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YaegerPro Floating Trough

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Is traveling with a trough a pain? Meet the new YaegerPro Folding Trough. Creating a trough was always going to be a challenge once we added folding legs to our design. So we brainstormed for a very long time and eventfully thought "What if the trough stored under the legs?"  The trough gets its shape from the storage position where it slyly hides in the edge of the folded cart. From there, the magic began!

Assembles with just two bolts/knobs in about 30 seconds. Adjusts by depth and by height.

Going through a door? No more having to unhook your trough and awkwardly find a place for it. The YaegerPro slides in and out with the spin of two knobs. 



Actual Sizes:

  • YP-32: 5" Deep x 4" Tall x 30" Wide 
  • YP-40: 5" Deep x 4" Tall x 38" Wide 
  • YP-52: 5" Deep x 4" Tall x 50" Wide 

Comes With:

  • L-Shaped Trough
  • Two Uprights and Knobs
  • 8' of Bungee cord and heavy duty spring loading ties. 

The YaegerPro is designed to be open source, Let your creativity run wild!

  • 3D Printed organizers from camcreux
  • Milwaukee Tote from Home Depot for $30ish.
  • Container Store organizers using the slots, Velcro, bungees or other ideas.
  • How about battery docks bolted under the trough?! The sky is the limit.  


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