Free Shipping! Orders over $2500 to USA/Canada (Excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Southern California, and other discressions).

Flat $800 Shipping! Orders over $2500 to Western Europe, Australia, Japan, & South Korea

Europe/Asia Shipping

YaegerPro & Maken (same family, but a separate business) are offering cheaper shipping solutions to Europe and Asia.  We have found a box that holds 3-5 carts and ships for almost the same price as a single cart through FedEx. 

The boxes can contain any mixture of Classics vs Pros/XS/Cubes. We are willing to subsidize the shipment as much as we can and also send some free gifts to a point person who organizes their group. 

Shipping Schedule: 

UK: 5 people interested, leaving late April 2023

Europe:  1 person interested in Romania